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The Nike Soccer Graphic Women\’s Tank Topfeatures a racerback design and side insets to provide natural range of motion.


  • Dri-FIT fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable
  • Racerback, wide armholes and side insets enhance mobility

Product Details

  • Fabric: Body: Dri-FIT 60% cotton/40% polyester. Insets: Dri-FIT 100% polyester.
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
  • Color: White
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Cheap Jerseys china Don take the downvoted personally, people are frustrated. You right about Kluber though, even if he has a bounce back year his age and risk level mean it is a stupid investment for a team trying to get younger and retool on the fly. I wish we would have gotten something besides just Clase and a 4th outfielder but Clase at least projects to be a late inning fixture for us for years Cheap Jerseys china.

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